E-Max Dental Treatment

What is E-Max plating?

E Max veneer: Special ceramics are used to give patients realistic and natural smiles, with improved conditions and technology in dentistry IPS E-Max is a ceramic material it unites strength and beauty unlike other restorations dental.
These ceramic pieces do not have a metal piece. Therefore, it has a very high light transmission and is a close alternative to natural teeth.

  • High aesthetic and natural ratio,
  • It is durable and of high quality.
  • The color diversity is sufficiently high,
  • It offers one-to-one compatibility with the human body.

Advantages of E-Max porcelain

  • One of the most beneficial ideas is, of course, its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, since it does not contain metal, it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Another aspect is that it does not damage the structure of the tooth. the most compatible structures with the tooth are the substances in its content.
  • Due to its high light transmission it does not have a matt appearance.
  • There are multiple color options. Its outer structure is slippery and smooth. Minimizes tooth sensitivity.
  • It almost prevents the formation of tartar thanks to the slippery surface of the porcelain structure. This prevents gum disease.

Reasons to prefer E-Max veneer teeth:

E-Max dental veneer is particularly preferred for anterior teeth. It is primarily among the coating materials applied to provide dental aesthetics.

Disadvantages of E-Max porcelain

Since no metallic material is used, it is not favored in the back teeth where the chewing function is intense. It is a slightly more expensive application than metallic coatings.

Who does E-Max porcelain apply to?

This process is best not for rotten or broken teeth, but rather for visual appeal, especially in anterior teeth the application rate is high. E-max porcelain is one of the most commonly used methods in dental sequences that disturb the patient.

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