Metal-assisted Porcelain Coating

Porcelain teeth with metal infrastructure are quite a variety of porcelain types, which are usually used in the back teeth. It is less preferred in teeth with high aesthetic expectations. E-max or zirconium porcelain is generally preferred in these regions. Make an Appointment at the Medicallme Design Clinic for the most suitable Dental Aesthetics applications for you.

Metal-Assisted Porcelain Coating Advantages

  • Metal-assisted porcelain coatings are robust and long-lasting.
  • It is more cost-effective than zirconium and Emax, which are full ceramics.
  • Metal-assisted coatings have a satisfactory aesthetic when the required precision is shown.

Metal-Assisted Porcelain Teeth Disadvantages

  • It is difficult to provide transparent and light permeable structure in natural teeth due to the metal infrastructure it contains.
  • Aesthetically, zirconium and e-max provide a less aesthetic appearance than porcelain.
  • Due to the metal infrastructure, there may be blackening in thin gum areas.
  • Abrasion must be performed on the natural tooth to make prosthesis.

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