Prosthesis and Filling Treatment

What is Prosthetic Tooth?

In the field of dentistry, prosthesis is most commonly used in the name of dentures; refers to artificial materials that are reintroduced to the patient instead of teeth lost in the mouth for various reasons.
It is the application method made using appropriate materials to correct the shape of natural teeth or to replace the missing teeth, which is applied to ensure the recovery of function, and which ensures the recovery of aesthetics and comfort.

In what cases is prosthesis treatment applied?

When the loss of teeth cannot be treated with filling method, prosthetic teeth should be applied. In addition, teeth pulled or reduced for various reasons lead to the formation of cavities in the mouth. Prosthesis allows us to fill in the gaps in the mouth consisting of teeth that you have lost. Lack of teeth can change the position of the teeth, lead to decay and gum disorders. Hereby, deterioration in oral health can be observed.
With prosthetic teeth; lost lip, collapsed cheek, wrong closing mouth, speech function, chewing function and aesthetic outlook are recovered. Prosthesis Treatment provides psychological support for individuals who have forgotten to laugh, who have to live with missing or disfigured teeth. In this way, it is improves people’s quality of life.

What is Dental Filling?

Dental filling is the method used to treat the tooth, which rots, breaks, cracks or deteriorates due to both external factors and genetic factors and loses its healthy structure. Dental filling is a treatment method that prevents the tooth from losing completely if applied immediately.

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