Smile Design / Dental Aesthetics

What is the Hollywood smile?

With the evolution of time and technology, SMILE DESIGN or DENTAL AESTHETICS a word that we hear often, which has become a new trend has entered our lives.
It is no longer a difficult task to smile confidently like Hollywood stars, if you want to have a smile like them , you just have to make up your mind and start the treatment. With a new smile design you can have a whole new smile.
You can have a “Hollywood Smile” with dental aesthetics that will make those around you jealous,
thanks to good planning by medical specialists.

How is cosmetic dentistry treatment performed?

Facial analysis: The treatment to be done in the mouth is considered according to the facial features of the patient. According to the character of the face, the proportion of the tooth structure and the operations to achieve on the line of the face with other branches are determined. As a result of this planning, a face report is performed.

Lamina porcelain: porcelain laminates are created with a very thin layer and very permeable to light. With strong adhesives the laminates are fixed to the tooth surface. In order for laminates to have a long life it is very important to apply the right size to the right tooth. For example, it is not recommended to be applied in patients with advanced clenching or with large blocked teeth in the mouth. The biggest advantage of laminates is the best results with very little abrasion to the teeth. With the SMILE DESIGN due to its high light transmission, it is the closest alternative to natural teeth and does not give you the impression that there is a foreign substance in your mouth.

Zirconium porcelains: When we lose one of our teeth, spaces can be created in the tooth and our neighboring teeth start to shift towards that space. Changes occur as a result, in the internal and external structure of the mouth.
For a long time if there is no intervention Deviations may continue to increase. For this reason, these gaps are filled with crowns or bridges by calculating the number and size of the gaps. While metal-backed porcelains are used in these processes, today all-porcelain crowns and bridges can be fabricated without a metal backing (zirconium porcelain). The SMILE DESIGN is accomplished by removing your oral cavities.

Empress Crowns: They are of a kind whose durability has been improved by reinforcing with glass ceramic on ceramic parts without using any metal or substance.

Using these applications, which are especially aesthetically important and have high light transmission without metal backing on our front teeth found in our SMILE color chart, will give us the look that is closest to our natural teeth. So the patient; With the SMILE DESIGN, which offers the appearance closest to the natural tooth, will have a radiant smile.
Dental implants: Dental implants are artificial dental roots made of titanium. Porcelain bridges or crowns can also be planned on dental implants.
Implants are artificial roots placed in the jawbone and there are on average 2-3 months after this procedure. When the loss of a single tooth is treated with traditional methods, the adjacent teeth will be damaged and a bridge will be planned. Nevertheless, when the implant is planned, neighboring teeth will not be damaged and an option can be found with a single crown.
With complete edentulousness, a fully fixed prosthesis can be performed by placing 6-8 implants in the jawbone for patients who are unwilling or unable to use a total prosthesis.
In cases where the jawbone is not suitable for a fixed prosthesis, implant-supported removable prostheses can be planned by placing at least two implants. In this way, the patient will avoid having problems with the dentures coming out of the mouth.

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